What are Learning Management Systems?


Learning management systems are a method used in learning that is base on the internet. The teacher sets the content to be learnt in the given course then the students can access the information the site. Students feel more motivated to learn from the internet rather than having to go to classrooms to be taught. It is also cost effective as both the teacher and the student do not have to travel to school to be taught. Once the students get the scorm player, they can simply download the content from a site that the teacher uses to post his content.

There are key factors to take into consideration before creating a learning management system. One of the factors to consider is when creating a learning management system is the feature of your target group. Once you know the kind of students you are dealing with, then you can create a learning management system for them. You have to consider the technical now how of your learner. If they are able to use the internet and the scorm player without any difficulty, then it is advisable to develop one and allow them to use it. If they are not well versed in the technology then one may be forced to teach them how to use it first, give them time to practice it before fully allowing them to use it as a method of learning.

Learning Management Systems
Another factor that should be considered is the manner in which the content to be taught will be distributed throughout the course. The manner in which the information is presented to the students is critically important as it allows the students to appreciate the chronological flow of events within the course. It also helps them to see the relationship between various concepts in the course. Most students would want to see how the concepts develop from easier concepts to more complex ones to enable them tackle the concepts. This system should allow every student freely interact with one another and be able to seek clarifications where they have difficulty in comprehending the concept.

Another key factor to be considered in the designing of such learning management systems is to set up a mobile-friendly content that can be easily conceptualized by the students. The more simple the contents presented to the students the much easier they will be easy to comprehend and make the learning quite easy and manageable.

The learning management systems have shown positive results in schools and colleges where they have been applied. The use of the internet motivates the student to learn more as most students like browsing. As a result of the improvement in schools where they have been used, it is advisable that the system be applied to all schools to allow students have a variety of methods that they can use in the learning process. This makes education to be more accommodative than when only one method is being since most students may not be able to comprehend concept by use of that method. This will in turn force the teacher to look for alternative ways that he or she can use to pass the information to the students and learning management systems is one of the alternatives.

Learning management systems when used well can have great positive impacts on the students and hence should be encouraged.